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I'm a California girl, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. After receiving a BA in Sociology from CSU, Northridge, I entered the working world, but found myself stuck. I was working in a position with no growth potential, but was eager to build a business.

I am often asked about what inspired me, a young African-American woman with no children (yet), to create an app for parents. Well, a former coworker shared her discomfort with using some of the  customer-to-customer websites and applications that were available to her. When it came to finding bargains for her children, she felt those sites were untrustworthy. I understood and felt there should be an option available exclusively for parents. One that focuses only on children and parents, and had a community feel to it. Sort of like a  hand-me-downs system, but from trusted parents nearby. I decided to call it Mom-me-Downs.



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